Long a favorite resource for upscale Italian suit tailors, Marzotto’s wool fabric continues to be prized among the power players in the menswear industry. The luxury Italian mill was founded in the town of Valdagno in 1836, its history stretching back further than that of a unified Italy. Always at the forefront of textile technology, Marzotto started to spin combed yarn in the late 19th century, years ahead of the rest of the Italian wool industry. Yet the high end Italian company also values traditional standards, overseeing every aspect of the production of their cloth from the shearing of their sheep, through the weaving process, to the very last finishing touches on their fabric. Mindful of the Italian mill’s continuing commitment to producing premium super 110 wool meant that sourcing Marzotto fabric for Jomers suits and dress pants was an easy choice. The Marzotto label that can be found in top luxury menswear brands can now be found in Jomers clothing as well, the only difference being the affordable price that we offer.