About Us

We never understood why menswear is overpriced.

Think about it. Most menswear brands produce their garments as cheaply as possible.

Sure, "branding" is sweet but do you really want to pay $90 for pants that cost a fraction of that to make?

A higher price doesn't necessarily translate to better quality—it only translates to inflated prices and profits. Wearing a "brand name" lets people know you spent more than you should have for these clothes. We don't have logos on our clothes for a reason.

We source fabrics from the world's best mills including Belgium, England, Portugal, and Italy. We design and produce our clothes with the same pattern makers, cutters, and sewers as other premium brands.

Why are we different? We keep our margins to a minimum while placing a premium on quality. We offer great customer service and free shipping to boot.

We think menswear should be about details, quality, and fair value. Welcome to Jomers.