Jomers Liner

Limited Edition Pants

Every single pant that we produce are lined with fun patterned fabrics all of which are unique designs that are limited editions. If you like them, act fast because once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Our pants come with a longer inseam that most guys need—34 inches. We know that hemming is an extra step but it’s one that we believe is worth it for pants that truly fit correctly. Any dry cleaner or tailor can easily hem your Jomers pants to your perfect length.


Super light and buttery, our current Jomers lineup consists of a summer weight cord that’s perfect for wear with sandals or boat shoes, and a soft cotton shirt. Don’t be fooled by the term corduroy, the truth is that these will not weight you down or heat you up. Perfect for yachting, chilling, long walks on the beach, hanging out in the park, and so forth.


Every pair of Jomers pants is handmade by the world’s best garment makers in the epicenter of fashion and style, Manhattan. We work with the same manufacturers used by premium fashion houses base in New York. We only work with manufacturers that pay solid wages and benefits that employ some wonderfully talented cutters, sewers, and managers to run our production.