Favored by menswear denim enthusiasts across the globe, the eminent Kurabo Mills was founded in 1888 during the Meiji period in Japan. The Japanese denim mill was started in the Kojima district, a seaside area that has produced textiles for many centuries. The focus of the manufacturing center shifted over time from creating the cotton cords used to wrap the handle of samurai swords in the 17th century to premium denim in the 20th century. Kurabo is recognized as the birthplace of Japanese selvedge denim, prized by designers and consumers alike for the tight weave that can only be made on smaller looms with a careful, skilled hand.

Whether it be garment dyed cotton twill or traditionally dyed natural indigo denim, the passion and respect for the heritage of denim manufacturing is apparent in the Kurabo cloth that is woven in one of the longest running Japanese mills. The Kurabo name is synonymous with premium quality denim and twill fabric thanks to the continuation of traditional standards that are committed to craftsmanship and quality. The superior longevity and feel of Kurabo’s fabric inspired Jomers to source the fabric for our own five pocket pants, bringing the Japanese denim to menswear at an affordable price point.